Candidates for Sunderland local elections in May revealed

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The candidates standing for election to Sunderland City Council have been released.

The deadline for nominations closed today at 4pm.

Polling Day is Thursday, May 3, and there are 207,810 people on the Sunderland Electoral Register and 86,414 people are registered for a Postal Vote.

The deadline to be included on Sunderland’s register of electors is midnight on Tuesday, April 17, and applications to vote by post must reach the council by 5pm on Wednesday, April 18.

Registration can be done online at: or for more information call Electoral Services on 0191 520 5550 or email

The candidates by ward are:


Timothy Hanson ELLIS Liberal Democrat

Zaf IQBAL Labour Party

Antony MULLEN The Conservative Party

Caroline Leigh ROBINSON Green Party


James Clark DOYLE The Conservative Party

Rebecca Jane LAPPING Green Party

Doris MACKNIGHT Labour and Co-operative Party

Jack Thomas STOKER Liberal Democrat

Copt Hill

Anthony ALLEN Independent

Jack Edward CUNNINGHAM Labour and Co-operative Party

Esme Rose Stafford FEATHERSTONE Green Party

Patricia Ann FRANCIS The Conservative Party


George Edward BROWN The Conservative Party

Elizabeth GIBSON Labour Party

Alan Michael David ROBINSON Green Party

Peter Arnold WALTON Liberal Democrat


Malcolm John BOND Liberal Democrat

Christopher Thomas HARDING Labour Party

George Edward HOWE The Conservative Party

Steven Peter MURRAY Green Party


Syed Ajmol ALI The Conservative Party

Richard Peter BRADLEY Green Party

Kris BROWN The North East Party

Barbara MCCLENNAN Labour and Co-operative Party

Anthony John USHER Liberal Democrat


David William GEDDIS Independent

Rachel Louise LOWE Green Party

Diana Malene Stephanie Talbott MATTHEW Liberal Democrat

Douglas Ian MIDDLEMISS The Conservative Party

Claire Marilyn ROWNTREE Labour and Co-operative Party


Neil MACKNIGHT Labour Party

Graham MARTIN Green Party

Craig MORRISON The Conservative Party

Susan STERLING Liberal Democrat

Linda Mary WOOD Independent


Gwennyth GIBSON The Conservative Party

Billy Scott HOWELLS Green Party

Iain William KAY Labour and Co-operative Party

Andrew Michael WOOD Liberal Democrat


Craig John HARDY Green Party

Grant SHEARER The Conservative Party

George Thomas SMITH Liberal Democrat

Elise Anne THOMPSON Labour Party


Neville Edward CHAMBERLIN The Conservative Party

Heather FAGAN Independent

Rafal Kazimierz MARZEC Green Party

Paul STEWART Labour and Co-operative Party


Michael ESSL Labour Party

Emma ROBSON Green Party

Keith Anthony TOWNSEND Liberal Democrat

Paula WILKINSON The Conservative Party


Dave ALLAN Labour Party

Lynn APPLEBY Liberal Democrat

John Leonard APPLETON Green Party

Michael LEADBITTER The Conservative Party

Shiney Row

Nana BODDY Liberal Democrat

Tony MORROW Populist Party

Sally OLIVER The Conservative Party

Neil Geoffrey SHAPLIN Green Party

Mel SPEDING Labour Party


Thomas CRAWFORD Liberal Democrat

Chris CROZIER Green Party

Bryan Witherwick REYNOLDS The Conservative Party

Phil TYE Labour Party


Anna DEBSKA Green Party

Clair Rachel HALL The Conservative Party

Bill MEEKS Liberal Democrat

Alex SAMUELS Labour Party

St Anne`s

Emma Jane NEALE Liberal Democrat

Gary OGLE Green Party

Gavin William WILSON The Conservative Party

Karen Patricia WOOD Labour Party

St Chad`s

William Edward Greener BLACKETT The Conservative Party

Margaret Gillian CROSBY Liberal Democrat

Gillian Edith GALBRAITH Labour Party

Helmut IZAKS Green Party

St Michael`s

Michael DIXON The Conservative Party

Steve HANSOM Labour Party

Julia Kay POTTS Liberal Democrat

Robert WELSH Green Party

St Peter`s

Rachel Sara FEATHERSTONE Green Party

Shirley LEADBITTER The Conservative Party

John Anthony LENNOX Liberal Democrat

Ken RICHARDSON Labour Party

Washington Central

Michal CHANTKOWSKI Green Party

Anna SNELL The Conservative Party

Linda WILLIAMS Labour Party

Washington East

Josh FLYNN Green Party

Hilary JOHNSON The Conservative Party

Siobhán Maria KELLEHER Liberal Democrat

Tony TAYLOR Labour Party

Washington North

June Allyson BRADLEY Green Party

Andrew COX The For Britain Movement

Jill Elaine FLETCHER Labour Party

Carol Ann GROOMBRIDGE The Conservative Party

Carlton Lee WEST Liberal Democrat

Washington South

Dominic Joseph ARMSTRONG Green Party

Graeme Ferguson MILLER Labour and Co-operative Party

Martin John TALBOT The Conservative Party Candidate

Sean TERRY Liberal Democrat

Washington West

Olwyn BIRD The Conservative Party

Paul Andrew LEONARD Green Party

Kevin MORRIS Liberal Democrat

Dorothy TRUEMAN Labour Party