Cancer girl is roaring back to health + VIDEO

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BATTLING Nyree Farquharson has fought cancer for the last eight months.

The youngster, who turns three on Monday, was diagnosed with an aplastic Wilms’ tumour on her left kidney last November.

Cancer sufferer Nyree Farquharson

Cancer sufferer Nyree Farquharson

Since then she has had an operation to remove the tumour, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and nearly 30 general anaesthetics.

But things are starting to look up for Nyree, who lives with parents Hayley and Mike, in Arthur Street, Whitburn, after her latest scan showed her treatment is working.

Hayley, 28, a dental nurse, said: “About four weeks before Nyree was diagnosed she kept saying ‘ouch’ but couldn’t tell me where was hurting and I thought that she might have had a water infection or something.

“But I noticed a lump on her hip and about a week later it was much bigger so I took her to the doctors and they said it was a lymph node.

“A week later it was bigger again and I took her back and refused to leave the surgery until I got an answer and that’s when she was diagnosed.”

Wilms’ tumour is cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children.

Nyree has also lost her hair due to chemotherapy, but despite everything she remains a happy little girl.

Hayley added: “We have told her that she’s got cancer but she doesn’t really know what it means so she just gets on with things and nothing affects her – she’s always happy and smiling.”

Mike, 39, a dentist, and Hayley have had to reorganise their lives completely around Nyree’s condition and neither of them has been to work since her diagnosis.

Nyree’s cancer spread to her liver and her lymph nodes but her treatment has been a success and is expected to come to an end by the end of the year.

Now, Nyree is set to have a roaring third birthday with her own private cinema trip.

Parents Mike and Hayley have hired a screen in Boldon Cineworld so that she can watch her favourite film, The Lion King, with her friends from Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary tomorrow.

Normally it costs £600 to hire a screen and £100 to rent a film, but bosses at the cinema are opening the screen to the family for a discounted price of £250.