Calls for A19 safety inquiry grow louder

Safety on the A19 has been raised once again in Parliament as calls are made for an inquiry which could help save life and limb.

Saturday, 20th January 2018, 8:00 am
Calls have been made for an inquiry into safety on the A19.

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn has questioned Government transport ministers about improvements which could be made to the route.

Last year more than 70 people were injured in incidents on the route on the 25 mile stretch between Wolviston and Boldon.

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn.

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Labour member Mr Hepburn tabled a Parliamentary question to ask the Secretary of State for Transport what steps his department is taking to improve road safety on the A19 road in North East England.

He is a supporter of our Safe A19 campaign, which supports calls made by his Easington counterpart Grahame Morris for the Department for Transport to carry out an inquiry into safety on the road.

He has previously stated: “safety of drivers and passengers on our roads should be of the utmost importance, and in my opinion the Government need to take action so that everything possible is done to prevent injuries and fatalities.”

Mr Hepburn added: “I am concerned about the increasing number of incidents on the section of the road that runs through the North East.

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn.

“The lack of investment, maintenance and upgrading of the road is holding back our region’ economic potential.

“The A19 runs through centre of the Jarrow constituency and it is vital to the local economy.

“I will continue to press Government transport ministers in Parliament to urgently review safety on the road and to ensure our region isn’t neglected and gets its fair share of investment in road infrastructure.”

Transport minister Jesse Norman MP, told Mr Hepburn: “The A19 is some 124 miles in length of which Highways England is responsible for the 67 mile section between Thirsk in North Yorkshire and Seaton Burn in Tyne and Wear with the remainder being the responsibility of local highways authorities.

“Since 2011, Highways England have delivered safety improvements at ten locations on the A19, including improvements to traffic signals and road markings, provision of additional road capacity to reduce congestion, and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The Government provides the Integrated Transport Block funding for local highways authorities; this is aimed at small scale transport schemes and can be used for safety improvements.

“It is for each individual local highway authority to manage its network, based upon its local knowledge and circumstances.”

Our petition, which has already been signed by 1,980 people, can be signed via