Call to educate youngsters of dangers of playing at promenade in Sunderland

The ramp at Hendon Promenade.
The ramp at Hendon Promenade.
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Coastguards have renewed calls for people to “stay away” from a well-known "danger spot" on Hendon Promenade.

The warning comes after a teenager had a near-miss this weekend when he was swept out to sea by a wave.

He was saved by a quick-thinking angler, who had only seconds warned the group the boy was with to move away from the area.

The emergency comes almost 10 years to the day that 13-year-old Mark Langton, from Sunderland, lost his life after being dragged from the ramp into the freezing North Sea on April 10, 2006.

The youngster was battered against rocks as three police officers jumped over safety barriers – risking their own lives – to drag him from the water.

He was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital but doctors were were unable to save him.

That tragedy came almost 10 years after Jonathan Bernardi, also 13, was swept out to sea when he lost his footing at almost the same spot.

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With the warmer weather approaching, and the school summer break not too far away, the Coastguard is urging parents and teachers to speak to youngsters about the dangers associated with the area.

Warning signs are in place highlighting the dangers of being in the area.

Coastguard Rescue Officer Neil Mearns of the Coastguard Rescue Service at Sunderland said: “We would urge parents, guardians and schools to underline the dangers and consequences of playing on these ramps or any other unprotected areas near the sea.”