Workers hate job and boss

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ONE in five workers in the North East hate their jobs, accoring to a new survey.

The research, from careers advice and training service OneWorkLife, also showed that nearly a quarter of workers in the region are considering a change of career.

The study, carried out among 2000 UK full and part-time workers, found that nearly 20 per cent of workers in the North East feel trapped in their current jobs and 11 per cent dislike their occupation so much that it makes them unhappy even outside work.

More than six per cent said they have had to take time off due to stress caused by their job.

Other figures for the region were that 16 per cent hated their boss and 13 per cent thought they would have a better life if they retrained for a different career.

Also, 27 per cent would switch careers to get greater job satisfaction and 34 per cent would like to run their own business or become self-employed.

Trevor Field, of, said: “Most of us probably spend more of our waking hours at work than anywhere else, so it’s desperately sad that one in five workers in the North East hate their jobs.

“But you don’t have to be trapped in a job you hate. With a little help and retraining you could be able to move to a better job with better prospects to give you a better life.”