Work resumes on Sunderland’s new £7.5m Premier Inn after developer’s collapse

Work has resumed on Sunderland's new Premier Inn.
Work has resumed on Sunderland's new Premier Inn.
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Work has resumed on Sunderland’s new £7.5million Premier Inn.

But a city businessman left £200,000 out of pocket by the collapse of developer GB Building Solutions says he is still waiting to hear whether he will get any of his money back.

Work on the site ground to a halt when the firm – and parent company GB Group Holdings – called in administrators in March.

Investment manage-ment specialist Savills is now overseeing the development on behalf of a pension fund which owns the building.

“There is renewed activity on site with the appointment of Harris Construction Management Ltd,” said a spokeswoman.

“Our client has stepped in and is committed to finishing off the development so that Premier Inn can open for trade. This commitment includes finalising a number of administrative matters working with the council and the university.

“Savills are retained to project manage the works to a successful conclusion”.

Steve Lynn, who runs North East Business and Innovation Centre-based SJL Brickworks, is still waiting to learn whether he will see any of the money he is owed for work on the Hind Street site and another project in Newcastle.

Steve, who had 10 workers on site, had completed the original contract, but was asked to take on more work on the outside of the hotel and the listed former Gas Board building, which is also being restored as part of the project.

Savills has reopened the site and allowed Steve’s team to complete the work which had already been started,

“We have been invited to go in and finish the work,” he said.

“It is only a couple of weeks’ work. We have heard nothing from the administrators.

“As far as the money we are owed, nothing has been said. I have not given up hope but I have nor head any news or heard anything.

“Nobody else has had any news either. I have spoken to some of the other contractors and nobody has heard anything.”

“We are still fighting.”