Wearside firm has a touching way to get even more business

Sunderland Software city chief executive Bernie Callaghan (left) with LamasaTech Managing Director Mahmoud Elsaid.
Sunderland Software city chief executive Bernie Callaghan (left) with LamasaTech Managing Director Mahmoud Elsaid.
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Wearside IT business LamasaTech has the recipe for international success.

Demand for the firm’s interactive touch screens has led to the opening of new offices in Saudi Arabia, while at home, the firm is celebrating the launch of two new products.

The increasing popularity of LamasaTech’s Tablo product – which brings menus to life on table-top tablets – has led to the company opening offices in Jeddah to meet rising demand from restaurants, hotels and takeaways in the region.

“Menus haven’t changed in generations and it’s a pretty limited and inflexible technology,” said managing director Mahmoud Elsaid.

“They’re only in one language, there’s a limit on what you tell or show people about their food, it’s hard to add specials or remove items from the menu if the kitchen has run out – and of course, it’s a time-consuming, expensive process when you change them.

“Tablo removes all of those problems at a stroke. It makes ordering food fun and engaging, allowing customers to learn more about dishes, filter out their likes and dislikes or allergies and even order more with a tap of their fingers.

“It’s been such a hit in the Middle East that we’ve had to open a permanent base in the region, but there’s increasing interest in Tablo across Europe and Asia too.”

At LamasaTech’s Sunderland headquarters, the company is working to bring two new products to market.

The Swoosh development platform allows businesses to develop touch and multi-touch applications – which could be used to create eye-catching and engaging advertising or signage – without the need for any previous training or experience.

Multiwall is a touch-screen application which helps organisations arrange meetings more effectively by allowing people to join in no matter where they are in the world.

“We’ve seen Multiwall used for everything from community engagement sessions with housing organisations, to bringing seminars to life in higher education, to helping multinational organisations hold effective meetings with attendees in offices around the world,” said Elsaid.

“As we’ve also developed systems which can transform existing screens into touch-screens quickly and cheaply, the system needs much less investment in technology than you might think.” LamasaTech was among the first companies to emerge from the Sunderland Software City Software Hatchery at the University of Sunderland and its expansion into international markets has also been supported by the Software City initiative.

“Sunderland Software City have been with us every step of the way and it’s been invaluable having access to their knowledge and connections,” said Elsaid.

Bernie Callaghan, Software City chief executive, said: “It’s amazing to see how quickly LamasaTech have grown from graduate start-up to international business in little more than two years.

“They’re a testament to how rapidly great ideas can become great businesses and the growing international reputation of North East software.”

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