Wear In campaign showing a growth in apprentices

The three new apprentices to join JB Skills Training are, from left, Aiden Bosher, Natheniel Karim and Sophie Gray.
The three new apprentices to join JB Skills Training are, from left, Aiden Bosher, Natheniel Karim and Sophie Gray.
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This week is just the fifth week of ten of the Wear In Wednesday campaign and already the venture between JB Skills Training and the Sunderland Echo is having a positive impact.

JB Skills Training has seen an upturn in the number of young people applying to be an apprentice, so much so that they have increased the company’s own in-house team of apprentices by 50%.

The leading training provider also now has over 20 quality young people on standby just waiting for the right company to come along for each one. The potential apprentices can all be placed in one company, in groups or with different employers.

The three new apprentices to join JB Skills Training, bringing the company’s total to nine, are Nathaniel Karim, Sophie Gray and Aiden Bosher.

All focusing on the ICT apprenticeship qualifications, the three have very different roles in the organisation.

Seventeen-year-old Aiden is from Sunderland and he will be focusing on design whilst working within the IT and social media team.

Sophie, the oldest of the three at 19, is from Seaham. Her role is to assist the IT sales team, and once trained she will be promoting the IT Trailblazers campaign, looking for employers who want to shape the future of apprenticeships, ensuring they are employer led. She will also be creating vacancies for 16 to 23-year-olds.

Nathaniel is the youngest at just 16, and he is from Sunderland. Nathaniel will be working alongside the head of ICT apprenticeships business development, Gary Dowson, concentrating on recruitment. He will be looking for IT candidates and in the short time he has been with the team has already made a massive impact.

Dave Macmillan, managing director of JB Skills Training, which now employs well over 50 people and has a £4m turnover, said: “The Wear In campaign is working so well – we have potential apprentices knocking on our door and the quality of them is so good, we have created positions to bring another three into our own team. They are young, but they are keen and bright and are already making a huge difference to us.

“Just in the last week we have registered over 20 candidates who are so good we now need to find them the right employer.

“If you think your company would benefit from one, two or more apprentices then get in touch quickly – we have the solution to your next growth step and to increase your business in a cost effective and most importantly, impactful way!”

More information on JB Skills Training and how to become an apprentice or employ apprentices is available by calling Gary on 0191 510 5519 or visiting www.jb-skillstraining.co.uk


JB Skills Training Ltd and the Echo have joined forces to bring a key message to businesses in Sunderland.

In recent years business has seen a resurgence, upturn in profit and growth thanks to the training provided by employers and apprenticeships being created. Investment in people to be their best means they perform better, positively affecting the bottom line.

A government scheme is launching in 2017 – Sunderland can’t suffer. It is important we continue to train, create opportunity, invest in our people, in our companies and in our future. This investment reduces unemployment, increases opportunities for the employed, boosts morale and reduces depression. It positions Sunderland in a positive light, essential for trading across the UK and further.

Every Wednesday until the end of March we will share stories, direct from companies succeeding due to commitment to training/apprenticeships, that intend to continue with that commitment shouting out ‘WEAR IN’.

JB Skills Training Ltd is proud to sponsor this campaign – more information can be found at www.jb-skillstraining.co.uk