Washington watercooler firm on target to raise £500,000 for Africa charity

AquAid MD Gordon Dobson gets his hanjds dirty onn a visit to Zimbabwe
AquAid MD Gordon Dobson gets his hanjds dirty onn a visit to Zimbabwe
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A WEARSIDE firm is on target to raise half a million pounds to bring water to remote parts of Africa.

Water cooler firm AquAid, based in Washington, has raised £161,789 over the last 11 years to help transform the lives of people desperate for clean water.

But soaring demand for water coolers and dispensers across the North East means the firm, at Pattinson Industrial Estate, is confident of reaching a charity target of £500,000 by 2021.

The company donates a percentage of each sale to help provide freshwater to people in Third World countries.

“It may seem a long way off,” said managing director Gordon Dobson. “But based on our current performance and our sales projections, we are confident that together with our customers we can help raise a huge £500,000.

“Already the donations have built 112 pumps, and helped bring clean water to over 150,000 Africans, who before had to walk miles to reach supplies.

“Our sales save lives, as every watercooler we site for a customer can raise enough money to bring two children in Africa water for the rest of their lives, and it is a great way for businesses and schools to really help.”

The company works with Christian Aid and The Africa Trust to help bring clean water to drought-hit parts of the world.

Gordon saw the work for himself when he visited Zimbabwe in 2006.

AquAid’s charity donations are independently audited annually by Sunderland accountants TTR Barnes.