The Sunderland couple who have sold £13million-worth of Avon

Debbie Davis and Dave Carter, from Sunderland, who are highly successful Avon reps.
Debbie Davis and Dave Carter, from Sunderland, who are highly successful Avon reps.
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YOU couldn’t make it up – ace sales duo Debbie Davis and Dave Carter have sold £13million-worth of beauty products.

The Sunderland couple are Avon’s highest earners for the fifth year running, jointly turning over the whopping amount annually.

The dynamic pair received the accolade at the beauty giant’s annual Live Your Dream conference, held this year in Newport, Wales.

Dave, Avon senior executive sales leader, of Ryhope, said: “Seven years ago I would never have thought my partner and I would be running our own lucrative businesses side by side.

“We’ve come so far and our lives have changed so much. It just proves anyone can do it if they put their mind to it.”

The power partnership received recognition for their record successes in 2010/2011 after seeing significant growth in their businesses, which now jointly turn over £13million annually.

The couple have also seen growth in their teams, and now have a sales force of about 10,000 independent Avon representatives working with them across the country.

The prizewinning pair also topped the leader board in the Drive Your Dream category for the fifth year running, which saw Dave drive away from the day in a luxurious Audi A7 and Debbie in a top-of-the-range BMW.

Debbie added: “Because of the challenging economy and people looking for alternative career options, we’ve seen an increase in our team size from just fewer than 8,000 to 10,000 over the past year.

“The low start-up cost of just £15 makes running an Avon business accessible to everyone and the flexible working opportunities encourage a wide variety of people to sign up.”

Angela Tucker, Avon national sales director, says: “Debbie and Dave thoroughly deserve to be recognised for their efforts and accomplishments.

“Their hard work and determination has paid off year after year, and as Avon celebrates its 125th year it’s an honour to commend such landmark achievements.”

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