Sunderland shoppers pledge to support their local stores as supermarkets open

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SUPERMARKETS’S confidence could be premature in thinking their tills will be ringing as the new stores open.

Shoppers in Southwick told the Echo that they will stick to smaller shops for their groceries.

Retired Eileen Ridley, 69, of Town End Farm, said: “I like to look around the local shops for cheaper buys, and I don’t think it will affect local shops too much because a lot of people like myself like to shop for bargains.

“In these big places, you spend more money than you should. I’d rather stick to my own little routine and use the shops round here.”

Full-time mum Caroline Gray, 32, of Leafields, said: “I don’t think it will affect the local shops too much.

“People are here for local things and it’s much cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

“I will probably use Tesco in Roker when it opens because that’s where my mum lives, but I’ll also use Aldi.”

Peter Horn, 48, a carpet shop owner from Fulwell, said it’s a shame there are not more people shopping local.

“I’ve used the new Sainsbury’s but it’s not that good.

“The access is poor with its underground car park, but if anything’s going to do damage round here, it will be Tesco.

“There are hardly any people on the street round here any more.”

Nursing home worker Michaela Burlinson, 47, of Southwick, thinks supermarkets will damage the smaller shops eventually.

“I’ve been to the new Sainsbury’s twice but it is very expensive.

“Having said that, in the long run it’s bound to damage the local shops in this area.

“Asda is a bit far away, but I will try the new Tesco as it’s on my doorstep.”

Mum Wendy Straughan, 39, from Southwick, said: “I don’t think the local shops will close down.

“But if it’s easier for people to get their shopping in one place then they will go to the supermarkets.”