Sunderland is cheapest place in North East to get cremated, figures show

The funeral costs in the North East.
The funeral costs in the North East.
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We always talk about the cost of living these days - but what about the cost of dying?

New figures reveal which parts of the North East are the most expensive for funeral costs - and which places have the cheapest cremations and burials.

Sunderland Crematorium.

Sunderland Crematorium.

And, according to figures compiled by the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index survey, Sunderland is the cheapest location in the region for a cremation, priced at £3,149.

That’s £100 cheaper than being cremated in Newcastle, which costs £3,249. South Shields is even more expensive at £3,257.

A burial in Sunderland costs £3,967.

The figures show that the average cost of a funeral in the North East is now £3,558 - but costs vary significantly across the region.

Bishop Auckland is the most expensive in the region for a funeral at £3,737, while Hartlepool is the cheapest £3,386.

Nationally, London is the most expensive place to have a funeral, with the average cost listed at £4,366.

Data obtained from the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management highlights the postcode lottery on funeral costs.

The cost of a funeral differs depending on where you live in the UK, with charges ranging from £2,917 for a burial in Belfast, to £9,679 for a burial in Kensal Green in London. Cremation costs are significantly lower in comparison to burials, with Greenock in Scotland (£2,873) being the cheapest.

Royal London’s National Funeral Cost Index 2016 – an annual study of funeral costs - reveals funeral debt in the UK has risen to £147m as people continue to struggle with funeral costs.

The research says the average cost of a UK funeral is now £3,675, with 93,359 adults taking on funeral debt. The average debt being taken on to cover funeral costs is £1,601.