Sunderland call centre helps Londoners keep up to speed with EastEnders

2Touch's Stuart Gray
2Touch's Stuart Gray
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A CONTACT centre has been helping the real EastEnders stay up to date with their fictional counterparts.

Doxford International-based 2Touch was one of five partners picked by lead contractor MGt, to handle calls on behalf of Digital UK as 4.8million homes in London made the switch to digital TV.

2Touch managing director Stuart Gray said: “It was exciting to be part of such an important and milestone event for the UK television industry and work in partnership with a number of other contact centres across the UK.

“For many people, the switchover was a relatively simple task and there was plenty of advice on-line and through other sources, to allow the public to manage the change.

“However, there were also people that needed additional help and ‘hand holding’.

“For example, there are large numbers of people living in London who are new to the UK and who have language difficulties.

“For some of these and others, such as the elderly, the process was not as straightforward and we were very pleased to offer them our support.”

2Touch supported the switchover with a core team of staff for two months, including two switchover days which saw more than 100 staff in place until 8pm.

“MGt provided us with strong guidance and support and their key people, who we were delighted to welcome on site throughout the handover days, were very encouraging of our teams,” said Stuart.

“They ensured our agents were 
fully briefed and had all the information they required to assist the public.”

Debbie Leishman, chief operation officer at MGt, said: “2Touch did a fabulous job at every stage, with talented, professional people it made project ‘go live’ an easy task.

“We hope to continue our partner strategy and build on the success we have built so far. “

Lorraine Curtin, head of contact centre for Digital UK, said: “2touch and MGt formed a great partnership during the busiest period of the switchover programme.

The partnership ensured a high quality advice-line service from planning to delivery.”

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