Sunderland business boss shares secret of success with new book

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A WEARSIDE company director is set to share his secrets on how to succeed in the business world.

Nevil Tynemouth, director at New Results Training, has written his first book, a guide to help people improve their businesses using the social networking service LinkedIn.

The service, mainly used for business, has 300million users in 200 countries worldwide.

However, Nevil is convinced the majority of businessmen and women are not using it to its full potential.

“So many people sign up because they’ve heard others have and then think what’s next?,” he said.

“Only a handful of organisations and individuals are using LinkedIn to find new customers and to sell more of their products and services.

“My book Sales Success on LinkedIn aims to help businesses increase their turnover by employing techniques, tips and tools that I share.

“So many people seem to have a specific way of working in a business environment, but adopt a very different persona online – they can be a great salesperson face to face, but online they come across too aggressively or passively.”

Nevil has been delivering LinkedIn training courses for two years, but wanted to explore the subject in greater depth.

The book took about eight months to research and write.

“I’ve tried to take a humorous, human approach to make the book more accessible and readable.

“I genuinely believe that LinkedIn can be a powerful business tool that can win firms big contracts just by changing, making a few simple changes to their online profile. Most people are doing well with their businesses, and it’s about taking your existing skills and translating then for LinkedIn.”

Nevil, who lives in Shiney Row, is now concentrating on finishing his second, a collaboration with two others writers.

“It’s about conversational decoding, about understanding language patterns and recognising the difference link between what someone is saying and what they’re thinking,” he said.

Nevil, who has almost 30 years’ experience in sales and selling, is also planning a third book.

The book is officially launched at an event at Newcastle Central Library on January 29. However, it is already available on Amazon. and can be ordered through book shops.