Region bucks jobless trend

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THE FALL in the number of people looking for work on Wearside slowed dramatically last month.

There were just 13 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in April than March, compared to a drop of 308 between February and March.

The number of people classed as actively looking for work in the city stood at 7,583 last month.

Across the North East, the number of unemployed people has actually jumped by 5,000 over the last three months to 135,000.

The region is the only one in the UK to see a rise in the number of people out of work. Northern TUC Regional Secretary Beth Farhat said: “Today’s figures show a worrying 5,000 increase in the number of jobseekers in the North East over the last three months.

“North East female unemployment is also up 13 per cent over the last year, leaving many women still feeling the lingering pain of austerity.

“George Osborne’s so-called recovery rings hollow for a lot of people in our region. With more cuts and job losses to come it’s time for a new strategy on jobs, fairness and living standards.”