Putting colour into your career: Sunderland’s Pink Ninja has a business message for youngsters

Jayne Usher, who has started her own virtual assistant business caled the Pink Ninja.
Jayne Usher, who has started her own virtual assistant business caled the Pink Ninja.
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A PINK ninja is urging young people to get savvy and start their own businesses.

Jayne Usher, 26, of Barnes, founded her own virtual assistant business, The Pink Ninja, and said with a bit of courage other people could be doing the jobs they love as well.

The fitness fanatic was given the boost she needed to start her own venture after encouragement from personal trainer Katie Bulmer.

Jayne said: “I was doing her PA work for her. I absolutely loved it and she asked why I wasn’t doing it for other people.

“She started her own business and it gave me the confidence that I could do it as well. It’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be and with my business being online there’s not that many initial out-goings.

“I think young people should be encouraged more to get out and start up their own business, especially in financial times like this.

“Just go for it. You’re not going to be any worse off if it doesn’t work out.”

As well as helping people in the fitness industry, Jayne also designs fliers and poster, under her alias of The Pink Ninja, which was inspired by her hair and doubles up as her pub quiz name.

Jayne said that the idea of a virtual assistant, where client and assistant don’t deal in person, is a relatively new one.

“I think it’s only really been around for a couple of years,” said Jayne.

“It saves both parties money I think. The client doesn’t have to pay for an office space for a PA, and you just get on with the work,. There’s no pressure for niceties or being friends, you’re just getting on with the work.”

Jayne said her clients do get a bit of a shock when they see her appearance.

“I think they expect me to be a lot older, a woman in a suit, not a punk girl gone good.”

Jayne juggles her time between working as a team leader for Tombola Bingo and doing her Pink Ninja work in her spare time.

“My clients give me a list of jobs at the beginning of the week and I fit it in around my shift work,” said Jayne.

Now Jayne is eager to expand her little empire.

“At the minute I have clients all over the country. I want to get the word out there and make it a bit bigger.”

For more details, visit www.thepinkninja.com

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