Poor transport links blamed for North East’s poor economic performance

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AN economic forum has blamed the North East’s poor transport links for crippling its private sector.

A study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) urges ministers to stop focusing on a few key areas, such as London and its financial services and instead plough resources into “lagging, lower-income regions”.

The North East is one of the 23 international case studies included in the OECD report, which warns that “as a result of relatively-low involvement of the private sector, the region has relied excessively on public sector activity and employment”.

Researchers claim that there is a “small private sector in comparison to national and increasing trend”.

The OECD said: “A strong focus is needed on internal infrastructure, including its transport system and housing supply, to improve internal connectivity and enhance public transport infrastructure in order to develop a stronger and better connected economy.”