Northumbrian Water’s backing for Sunderland Green Business award

Nothumbrian Water treatment works like this help keep the region's environment clean.
Nothumbrian Water treatment works like this help keep the region's environment clean.
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NORTHUMBRIAN Water’s business has the environment at its heart.

The company believes there is not another in the region which is more dedicated to maintaining and improving the environment, and its commitment makes its sponsorship of the Portfolio Awards Green Business of the Year category a natural fit.

Northumbrian Water puts environmental protection at the heart of its business, a commitment which the firm backs up with hundreds of millions of pounds spent every year.

Treatment of sewage is basically a natural process. Billions of bacteria are farmed to digest the waste water to clean it so that it is safe to return to the environment.

Northumbrian Water is the award-winning national leader for generating green power from what comes naturally from all of us. It is the first waste water company in the UK to use all the sludge remaining after sewage treatment to produce renewable power.

Methane and carbon dioxide released by bacteria digesting the sludge is used in gas engines to create electricity. Pioneering environmental plants have been built at Tees Port on the river’s south bank and at Howdon at the mouth of the Tyne at a cost of £70million to process the sludge remaining after treatment.

Now Northumbrian Water is leading the industry again on another sustainable alternative energy production from sewage treatment, working with university scientists to develop the clean fuel of the future – hydrogen.

After a successful small trial of a hydrogen microbial electrolysis cell reactor, the company is looking to scale up this form of energy production with a refined pilot plant at a waste water treatment works in County Durham.

l This year’s Portfolio awards will be presented in a ceremony at the Stadium of Light on Thursday, October 10. For tickets, contact Sorted PR on 265 6111, or email