Nissan unveiling the future with its first self-driving car

Nissan's Carlos Ghosn with the IDS concept car.
Nissan's Carlos Ghosn with the IDS concept car.
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Could the next model to be produced at Nissan’s Sunderland plant make its own way to the showroom?

The automotive giant has unveiled its first foray in the world of driverless motoring at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

The Nissan IDS Concept is, like the Sunderland-built Leaf, all-electric and combines advanced vehicle control and safety technology with the latest in artificial intelligence.

Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn predicted two years ago that the firm would be fitting autonomous drive technology in its vehicles by 2020.

“Nissan’s forthcoming technologies will revolutionize the relationship between car and driver, and future mobility,” he said.

“Nissan Intelligent Driving improves a driver’s ability to see, think and react. It compensates for human error, which causes more than 90 percent of all car accidents. As a result, time spent behind the wheel is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun.”

The new technology can learn a driver’s style and duplicate it when the car is turned over to automatic control.

When the driver selects piloted drive, the steering wheel recedes into the centre of the instrument panel and is replaced by a large flat screen, the interior is illuminated by soft light and all four seats rotate slightly inward, making conversation easier.

Selecting manual drive makes all seats face forward and the steering wheel reappear, while interior lighting switches to blue, stimulating the ability to concentrate.