New recruits join Sunderland firm Ashford Orthodontics

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Sunderland-based Ashford Orthodontics has welcomed six new members of staff to its team as it con tunues to expand its business.

The firm, which manufactures bespoke orthodontic appliances, has seen continuous growth over the last 15 years and will soon be moving to a new and much larger state-of-the-art laboratory over the coming months.

New recruits Daniel Ormston, 23, Imira Ramadan, 25, Dominic Shaw,34, Robyn Pears,19, Lois Scott,17, and Susan Broadbent, 48, have now all joined the team. All of the new recruits are from the Sunderland area and were previously unemployed.

Ashford Orthodontics is committed to playing its part in reducing unemployment levels in Sunderland, and over one third of its current staff have been drawn from the long-term unemployed and have been trained internally.

Imira, Lois and Robyn will be joining the team in production, where they will be making plaster study models of the patients’ mouths, with an 18 month apprenticeship with the firm to follow.

Daniel will be joining the Digital / 3D department. Dominic and Susan meanwhile, join the administrative team, which has grown from just one person to a team of four in the last 18 months.

Sean Thompson, director of Ashford Orthodontics, commented: “As our business continues to grow and develop in the UK and internationally, we have found a need to expand very quickly and I’m delighted to have Imira, Robyn, Dominic, Susan and Lois join our team.

“It is one of my passions to provide employability for those who often have been forgotten about in the local community. In our 15 years in business, we have provided excellent training and sustainable employment for numerous local people, and we are very proud of our contribution in this area. We have never had anybody leave us to work elsewhere, so I feel this proves that we must be doing something right.”

Ashford Orthodontics’ state-of-the-art laboratory and skilled technicians have produced high end dental and orthodontic appliances across the UK for more than 15 years. The company currently offers the latest in Orthodontic technology, incorporating the latest 3D printing and scanning facilities and has proven itself as a leading orthodontic industry specialist.

Clinicians in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand are now using Ashford Orthodontics’ digital capabilities to place orders for the company’s leading orthodontic appliances.

For more information visit www.ashfordorthodontics.co.uk