'Looking forward to supporting it' - 9 things you said about Sunderland's new health food van

Will you be paying the food van a visit?
Will you be paying the food van a visit?

A food van with a difference is coming to Sunderland - and you've had plenty to say about it.

Serving protein snacks, vegan food and coffee, Flamingo Bar and Cafe is expected to start trading in the Park Lane area of the city - and you've been telling us what you think of the new venture on Facebook.

Traders Andy Phillips and Hannah Jackson will run the business, which will operate from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

They will also use a leisure battery system, to eliminate noise, and have pledged to use biodegradable cups and a recycling bin.

A licence was granted for the van at a meeting of Sunderland City Council’s regulatory committee on Monday.

Here's how you reacted to the news on social media:

Tom Parkin: "The city centre of Sunderland has lots of vacant properties available to sell quality coffee and healthy options why should mobile vans who have very little rent and rates to pay and can pack in and drive to another venue or city by starting van up and disappearing be allowed to come and cherry pick hours when and as they please."

Lyndsey Hamilton: "Something like this would be great also around housing estates. Years ago we had a van come round selling all sorts. Was great."

Shaun Cudworth: "Why not? It's their cash, they believe they can make it work all the council have to do is say yes.

"Personally I would like the council to make more of the empty Park Lane market, encourage small food producers street food etc into the empty units, use it to bring a bit more life to the area."

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Laura Wynn: "People need to take responsibility of their own health & also set a good example for their kids health.

"Weight is a big issue in Sunderland & it’s good to see the meal prep companies now doing well & now this - it’s better than going to Greggs. Hopefully it will also encourage the school kids to choose a healthy alternative. Good luck Hannah and Andy."

Ian Humphries: "I would of thought Keel Square would of been an ideal location, that place needs some imagination and fresh ideas."

Joe Collins: "Van is top class and credit to Andy for trying to improve Sunderland High Street when this could go anywhere. Looking forward to supporting it! All the best Andy & Hannah."

Sam Priestess: "Brilliant idea. I wish them all the very best on their venture and I, for one, will be giving it a go."

April Place: "About time most places serve junk! Be nice to have healthy option."

Keith Burdis: "People knocking this are people who didn't think of doing it - good luck with your employment."