Legal wrangle over Sunderland waste site could take weeks

IN DISPUTE: Police outside Thompson Waste Service's premises.
IN DISPUTE: Police outside Thompson Waste Service's premises.
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A WRANGLE over a waste site could take up to 10 weeks to resolve as a landlord takes legal action.

ACT, which owns the land and building in The Parade, Hendon, has met with barristers as it works to resolve the dispute between the firm and Thompson Waste.

The rubbish disposal firm is owned by Anne Ganley, who spent all weekend on the site after a dispute escalated on Friday when the 57-year-old said she would not leave the building.

This took place after ACT Construction, which is acting on behalf of the building’s owner Alan Thompson, took peaceful possession of the site the day before.

It said it had to take action after concerns were raised about the amount of waste on the land and the running of the business.

ACT has said Mrs Ganley, who took over the firm her father Albert founded more than 60 years ago, is a “tenant at will”, which means occupation could be terminated with immediate affect.

The Environment Agency has also been involved following issues raised over the use of the compound.

Police were called to the yard on Friday to ensure a breach of the peace did not occur, but officers said they would not get involved in the civil dispute.

A spokesman for ACT said: “We are legally seeking possession of the site through legal means and we have met with a barrister to pursue that.”

He said the legal action to resolve the issue of the tenancy via the courts “could take a number of weeks, between six and 10”.

Mrs Ganley was unavailable for comment.

However, the award-winning businesswoman had previously said she would not leave until the threat of eviction was lifted and was in discussions with solicitors as she sought an injunction.