Last chance to spend your round pound coins

Make sure you get the old pound coins spent.
Make sure you get the old pound coins spent.

With less than two weeks to go before the round £1 stops being accepted in shops and restaurants, the British public are being encouraged to spend, bank and donate the soon-to-be-withdrawn coin before the deadline.

Sunday, October 15 is the date when the round coin will be removed from circulation.

The Royal Mint and HM Treasury are calling on the public to dig out any remaining round coins and spend, bank or donate them before they cease to be legal tender.

1.1 billion of the estimated 1.7billion round pound coins in circulation have already been returned.

Recent YouGov research shows that three quarters of the UK public are planning to spend their round pound coins before the deadline, with a fifth banking their remaining round pounds.

However, the research suggests that one in three people still have round pounds stashed away in savings jars and piggy banks.

Following the deadline, the public can take any remaining coins to their bank or donate them to charities such as Children in Need.