Jobless Ian takes his placard to Sunderland’s rush-hour traffic in a desperate bid to find work

Out of work Ian Millington and his advert on the A1231 roundabout over the A19.
Out of work Ian Millington and his advert on the A1231 roundabout over the A19.
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JOBLESS Ian Millington has resorted to desperate measures in order to find work.

Despite having a first class honours degree and applying for more than 100 vacancies, the 44-year-old has been unable to get a job.

In a last ditch move, he today stood in the middle of one of the city’s busiest roundabout, holding a sign advertising himself.

The former JobCentre Plus employee was this morning on the A1231 roundabout on Wessington Way, holding high his giant CV for all to see.

Ian hopes that the 3ft by 2ft sign will catch the eyes of employers.

He was let go from his position just days ago and although he has applied for countless jobs, he has had just three interviews.

“This is my idea and it’s something I used to tell other people to do when I worked at the Job Centre,” said Ian, from Lambton, Washington.

“I was an advisor there on an 18-month contract and they didn’t extend it.

“I’ve probably applied for 120 jobs and from those I’ve got three interviews and 18 rejections.

“I’m getting very little feedback so it’s difficult.”

Using his initiative, Mr Millington hopes that someone will take him on.

He said: “I’m optimistic because look at the target market I’m aiming at.

“There are thousands of cars coming through here and you can see how busy the traffic is.

“I may look a fool but needs must.”

Staffordshire University graduate Mr Millington, whose degree is in technology management, took voluntary redundancy from BT several years ago so that he could travel the world.

Unfortunately for him, he returned him just as the credit crunch bit, meaning job vacancies were less plentiful.

His partner Paula, 42, works for Sunderland University, but only on a three-month temporary contract.

“She is looking for a permanent job as well so we are both trying to get jobs at the minute.”

Ian, who says his skills are suited to office-based work, also thinks that employers favour taking on younger workers over those who are older even if they have more experience.

He added: “I think some of them will have been saying “I’m not employing him because he is older”, which makes it harder.”

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