is Sunderland street the UK’s hairdressing capital?

Owner of Supergo hairdresser's on Sea Road, Jill Randle.
Owner of Supergo hairdresser's on Sea Road, Jill Randle.
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WELCOME to the hairdressing capital of the UK.

Sea Road and its surrounding streets are home to a staggering NINE salons – all in the space of just a few hundred metres.

Owner of Fellaz barbers on Sea Road, Jimmy Carter.

Owner of Fellaz barbers on Sea Road, Jimmy Carter.

It means Fulwell’s residents have a massive choice when it comes to getting their locks washed, cut, crimped and coloured.

But with a new salon seeming to pop up every few months, are there enough split ends to keep everyone busy?

Jimmy Carter, owner and manager of Fellaz Barbers said: “We’ve been here for 20 years now so we were one of the first on the street.

“The thing about hairdressing is that you’re not selling a product you’re selling a skill, and if people don’t think you’ve got that skill they’re not going to come back.

“We haven’t raised our prices in three years so I think that gives us an edge, and you’ve got to be competitive when there’s so much choice around.

“I honestly don’t understand why people come here to set up a business like this when there’s already in the area.

“All it’s doing is diluting the work and it’s not like Sea Road is getting any bigger.

“Sea Road has become really quiet and there’s just not enough work to go round, especially between the ladies’ salons.”

Jill Randle, owner of Superego, has also been in the area for 20 years.

She said: “Twenty years ago there was only three salons on Sea Road, and now there’s about 11 in the whole area.

“People think it’s a busy shopping area, and it used to be. But not really any more.

“I can’t understand why more and more keep coming. If I was starting up now there’s no way I’d come on to this street because there’s just so much competition.

“People trust their hairdresser too and they like to go to the same person, they’re not going to trust a stranger with something as important as their hair.

“I think we have an edge because our customers are very loyal and we use the best quality products.

“We’re going to change the upstairs into somewhere for the men and start offering wet shaves soon.

“You’ve got to stay on top of what people want and give them it.”

Seaburn resident James Myrtle, 43, said: “It’s become a bit of a joke now.

“We get the kids to count the number of hairdressers as we walk down the street.

“I’ve no idea how they all stay open.”

Sally Thompson, 54, of Fulwell, added: “I used to get my hair done on Sea Road, but not for a while now.

“It never used to have as many salons as now.”

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