Former Echo man is putting the ‘Sun’ into Sunderland

Graeme Anderson
Graeme Anderson
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The future if sunny for former Echo sports writer Graeme Anderson.

Graeme left the Echo a year ago after more than a quarter of a century at the paper - the last 20 years reporting on the fortunes of

Sunderland Football Club.

And since then he has worked freelance for local and nationalnewspapers while working on a subject as close to his heart as football - the protection of the environment.

Now he had launched - a website dedicated to explaining and exploring the subject of solar panels.

Graeme hopes the site ill do its bit to help the UK drive towards cleaner energy.

“It might seem a bit of a leap from football to solar panels but I used to do the Echo’s Pop Page before I covered Sunderland Football Club - so I’m used to a sharp change in direction,” he said.

“I’ve grown more and more interested in environmental issues over the years - especially since becoming a father for the first time a few years back.

“And solar panels are the perfect way for people to generate clean energy while saving money too.

“Already they are becoming as common-place on roofs as satellite dishes and millions more will be installed by 2020.

“But I was struck by how little independent information there is about solar panels, what they do, how clean the energy is and how they can make money for householders who get them installed.

“So a small team of us - journalists and solar panel experts - have produced what we hope will become the definitive information website explaining solar to the public and putting them in touch with the best installers across the country.

“It feels like a good deed.”

Anyone wanting to find out more can visit or contact Graeme directly via e-mail at