Firm creates new £6million HQ in Seaham

MetroMail Managing Director Alan Purvis with Matthew Newstead from Canon UK and Ireland.
MetroMail Managing Director Alan Purvis with Matthew Newstead from Canon UK and Ireland.
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METROMAIL has ploughed more than £6million into its Seaham headquarters.

The firm has overhauled its digital production facilities with a trange of new equipment from Canon.

Managing Director Alan Purvis said: “As a business we are not afraid to take on new challenges.

“I firmly believe that if you do things the way you always have, you will only ever achieve mediocre results.

“We aspire to far more than that, and we believe our partnership with Canon is another step forward in our goal of becoming the most efficient and profitable business in our industry.” There was more to commercial success than just investing in the nuts and bolts, said Mr Purvis.

“Anyone can buy technology,” he said. “But what makes the technology successful is the people behind it, from the supplier and installation teams to the everyday operators and support engineers.

“If you don’t have the right mix of people, the desired outcome is that much harder to reach.

“When we set out to transform our processes and gear up for further growth we didn’t simply draw up a shopping list of technologies to take to the market.

“We had a vision of where we wanted to take the business and left it to suppliers to demonstrate how we could achieve it with their arsenal of equipment. Canon was streets ahead in its understanding of our business and has supported us unfalteringly.

“We were able to continue with ‘business as usual’ during the installation phase and firmly believe that everyone we have been dealing with at Canon not only shares the same vision for where MetroMail is heading as a business, but also shares the excitement.”

Canon Commercial Print Group Director Craig Nethercott said: “We’re thrilled MetroMail has chosen to grow its business with Canon.

“Clearly colour digital print is a powerful tool for MetroMail, and by combining its inherent expertise with high speed colour capability, there is an opportunity to enter new application areas and markets where traditionally it has not been able to compete.”