Ex-Sunderland student wants you Out There

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AN ex-Sunderland University student and his life-long school friend have started their own outdoor activities business in the North East.

Adam Khodabukus, who studied law with business in 2004, has started Out There 360! Adventures with Andrew Noon.

The duo decided to run their business out of Clennell Hall Hotel in the heart of the Northumberland National Park having fallen in love with the place.

“As youngsters, we would come to Northumberland in our summer holidays and spend hours exploring the hills and woods and having studied in the North East, it just felt like home.” said Adam.

The pair have been bought up with the outdoors and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to organising activities from team building, family breaks and activities, boot camps, father and son survival weekends, climbing, absailing, hiking and canoeing, all of which are organised by Out There 360! Adventures.

“The support we have had has been fantastic,” Andy commented. “We really pride ourselves on what we do and how we do.

“We just want every one of all ages to enjoy what we did when we were young.”

Adam and Andy, based in York, are passionate about providing a service that will allow groups and individuals to get the most out of their experience.

They tailor the activities to the individual needs of those taking part, whether that be for team building exercises or a family wishing to spend some quality time together.

Adam added: “We loved doing what we now organise and provide for others to do. It is fun for us and you cannot ask for any more than that.”