Dozens of jobs set to go at fire alarm firm

Kidde Airsense office and factory, Spectrum Business Park, Dawdon, Seaham
Kidde Airsense office and factory, Spectrum Business Park, Dawdon, Seaham
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ALMOST 40 jobs could go as a fire and security alarm company plans to move operations to its other sites.

Kidde AirSense is proposing to shut down the climate, controls and security (CCS) section on the Spectrum Industrial Estate in Dawdon.

The move could lead to 39 workers losing their jobs.

One worker, who did not want to be named, told the Echo they believed the work would go to China.

He added: “We’re really down-hearted.

“We’re helping to make a profit here and making a profit for them and now we’re going to see the work go somewhere else.

“They already moved us from Peterlee about eight years ago.

“People have come here from other jobs for full-time positions, now this.”

A company spokesman said the CCS department of the firm, continually evaluates its operations and proposed to close the Seaham, subject to consultation with the staff.

It intends to continue work at the site until autumn next year and has said customers will continue to get their service without interruption.

He added: “These decisions are difficult, and Kidde AirSense recognizes the impact on its employees, their families and the community, and will provide a comprehensive redundancy benefits package.”

The site was launched by Kidde to boost the company’s ability to supply fire detection products across the world and boasts technology which makes it efficient and set up to reduce the risk of damage to the electronics.

It replaced its plant in Peterlee and was set up as a centre for excellence as it expanded its products.

As it helps develop systems, its staff work with colleagues at a research centre in Connecticut and a laboratory in Berkshire.

The company was founded in 1917 in the US and has taken over a series of other firms in the same industry over the years.

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