Debt charity launches campaign in Sunderland and Houghton

Theresa Finch pictured outside the Bethshan Church on Park Road.
Theresa Finch pictured outside the Bethshan Church on Park Road.
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A DEBT charity has launched a new campaign urging families with money troubles to seek help.

The Sunderland and Houghton branches of Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are spearheading the “Don’t Wait” drive.

It follows the publication of a national report by Money Advice, which reveals how only a fifth of the nine million people with debts are looking for advice.

Theresa Finch, who manages the CAP centre at Bethshan Church in Park Road, said: “A lot of people just don’t realise that free help is available.

“And yet, there are various avenues like our charity CAP, Citizens Advice and the phone-based free ones like Stepchange.”

Research by CAP shows that the majority of its clients waited more than three years to contact them. However, it also revealed that when they did, 94 per cent described it as “a great help” or “life transforming”.

“It can be hard to admit help is needed, but debt is very difficult to escape without professional assistance,” said Theresa. “The debt charities like ours have the advantage on the individual because we are talking to the banks and credit card and loan companies all day.

“The campaign is about taking that first step, knowing no one will pass judgement.” Under the CAP support scheme, clients are set budgets and given suggested debt-free timescales.

For more information, call 0800 328 0006 or visit