Customers furious over Sunderland parcel office closure

Royal Mail parcel office, Mary Street, Sunderland
Royal Mail parcel office, Mary Street, Sunderland
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A DECISION to close a Royal Mail collection office in Sunderland city centre has not gone down well with Echo readers.

As part of what Royal Mail calls an “ongoing modernisation programme”, its office in Mary Street is set to close, meaning parcels and letters can only be collected from Wearfield, at Sunderland Enterprise Park, near Wessington Way.

Bosses insist the move is to a purpose-built customer service area, which will also have 20 customer parking spaces.

However, readers have contacted the Echo over the changes.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Sue Matters said: “What happens for people who don’t drive?

“How are they going to travel to Wessington Way to collect their post?

“It’s out of the way and not on a bus route. It’s tucked out of the way. I know, I drove round for ages trying to find access to it.”

Dianne Pattison added: “We really need this site. How on earth do I get over to Wearfield site by bus?

“How about a dedicated parcel collection in the centre of town, where its easy to get to?”

Pam Bolden wrote: “Absolutely disgraceful decision! I am to be penalised yet again for not driving a car.

“Now I can’t use the Post Office for fear of not being able to get a lift to the new place. Elderly and disabled are treated so badly, I am able and it’s bad enough. A campaign is needed, if we can keep the fire station open...”

Thomas Howe said: “We have fought to keep our city centre fire station now let’s fight to keep our city centre parcel service centre.”

Vicky Robson added: “Why not close the Wessington one, town centre is convenient and easy for people to get too.”

On our website, baz08 said: “It’s not good that this is closing. It is perfectly central, straight off the bus station to pop in and pick up what you need.”

Disquiet added: “Though I understand change and it won’t effect me because I drive, I do feel for the those who have to travel by public transport.

“Is there a bus that will drop people outside the new building, is the bus straight outside to take one back, and where will this bus be going from?”

mree99 said: “The collection office in town is convenient for a lot of people, forcing everyone to travel to an out-of-town industrial estate to collect parcels (and often redelivery, isn’t convenient for some!) is ludicrous!”

Others, however, were more supportive of the decision.

Superflex said: “Great. I always found Mary Street a real pain.

“The depot at the enterprise park is much better. I would have thought that the best option would have been to site the pick-up point somewhere with easy car and bus options, somewhere on the edge of town. Bet there’s load of sites.”

Scott Graham added: “Great. It was a pain to collect from the town. The one at the enterprise park is much easier.”

a1970man wrote: “Mary Street is too small and has no parking. I’ve used the new location without a problem and find it much more accessible.

“I’ve also used the re-deliver option after I missed a parcel and it was redelivered without any issues. I really can’t see any benefits of Mary Street. I really can’t.”

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “The new arrangements will mean that customers only have to visit one site, the renovated Sunderland Delivery Office, to collect any undelivered mail.

“Royal Mail is committed to maintaining a high quality of service to our customers in Sunderland. Customers do not need to collect their mail if they don’t want to.

“Royal Mail can redeliver items free of charge to their address on a preferred day including Saturday, or to another address in the same postcode area.

“Details of Royal Mail’s redelivery options can be found on the ‘Something for you’ card left for customers who miss a delivery or on our website at

“Work will commence shortly and the new arrangements at Sunderland Delivery Office are expected to be in place in June 2015.”