Businessman needed a new roof – so learned how to put it up himself

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BUSINESSMAN Nigel Begg doesn’t mess about when it comes to DIY.

After struggling to find a company with the right qualifications to put a specialist roof on his company’s latest expansion, he took a course and built it himself.

Nigel, managing director at IT specialists Aspire TS, wanted to ensure the work on his £1.2million, 3,500 sq ft datacentre stayed in the region.

But that proved to be easier said than done.

Nigel, from Whitburn, said: “The project is really important to the future of the business, but we still wanted the work to go to North East firms.

“However, the architect wanted a very high-spec roof on the datacentre and the nearest firm with the requisite skills was in the south. The roof had to be both highly secure and eco-friendly, and the roofing system specified by the architect had to look good too.

“I was very interested in the construction process, so I thought, ‘you know what, I’ll do it myself’.”

Former Monkwearmouth Primary School pupil Nigel and two of the contractors working on site travelled to Wales and spent two days on a Tata-Steel approved installation course.

“We were based in a huge steelworks that had a roof set-up a couple of metres off the ground,” he explained.

Nigel returned to Aspire’s Heworth Hall HQ and spent weekends and spare hours over a fortnight completing the datacentre roof.

“I enjoyed the work and I now know the building far better than I would have otherwise.”