Bus firm pays £10,000 in bonuses to its greenest drivers

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BUS company Stagecoach North East has paid out almost £10,000 in bonuses to eco-friendly drivers.

The firm introduced technology 20 months ago to encourage staff to drive in a more environmentally-friendly way.

The GreenRoad system provides real-time feedback on driving style including speed, braking, acceleration and turning, so drivers they can learn and improve.

Drivers are given a financial incentive to encourage them to comply with the system’s recommendations, with each driver able to earn up to £65 a time. Stagecoach has already paid its Sunderland drivers a collective bonus of £9,990.

Drivers can keep track of their performance with the depot computer or use their phones to access the GreenRoad data and see how they are performing.

Steve Hamilton is Eco Champion at Stagecoach North East’s Sunderland depot. Driving in an eco-friendly way not only reduced impact on the environment but also made journeys more enjoyable for Stagecoach’s customers.

He said: “It’s ultimately the passengers who benefit as the overall driving experience will be improved through good driving.

“Drivers are now much more aware of how the system works and the positives it will bring to their overall driving performance.

“The environment also benefits through a reduction in fuel consumption, which ultimately reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

“Stagecoach North East continues to be one of the top performing regions operating the Eco Driver System in the UK, which is no easy feat, especially as we operate in a number of busy cities. “Our drivers have always taken great care when driving, but now they can keep on track every day.”