Backlash against Persimmon home development in Houghton

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RESIDENTS have vowed to fight proposals to build a new housing estate near their homes.

More than 50 people attended a meeting about moves to create an executive housing development in Houghton.

Persimmon Homes wants to build 63 four and five-bedroomed houses behind Hetton Road and Lingfield, close to Gillas Lane East.

However, those living in the area are against the idea.

John Bilton, of Hetton Road, said: “We already have huge problems with flooding and sewage in the area. Some people have had to resort to sandbags.”

He said there are also important wildlife habitats in the area, which could be badly effected if the environment was disturbed.

Iris McGough, of Hetton Road, said: “We look after our homes and take pride in them, and we will fight for them and we will take you on.”

Denise Corah, of Lingfield, said residents are very worried about an increase in traffic.

She said: “There is blind spot which is difficult. Also, our road doesn’t get gritted, and it’s terrible in the bad weather.

“There are four houses in our street for sale, and people can’t get mortgages, and another three at the bottom standing empty, so who says they will be able to see these new ones?”

Peter Jordan, divisional land and planning director for Persimmon, told the meeting they would probably be looking to submit plans for the development to Sunderland City Council in six weeks.

He said: “It is an emotive issue, and we do affect people’s lives, but housing must come first.

“We have a growing population in this country, and we have a massive housing shortage.

“Sunderland needs to provide about 650 new houses every year and is massively behind on that target.”

With regards to flooding or traffic issues, he said the company would have to meet the requirements of the authorities before building work could go ahead.

Coun Derrick Smith, who represents Copt Hill ward, said people who buy their houses with a lovely view, and pay a lot of money for them, have the right to keep what they have now.