Asda depot jobs saved

Asda Distribution Centre, Mandarin Way, Washington.
Asda Distribution Centre, Mandarin Way, Washington.
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SCORES of jobs under threat at a supermarket distribution centre have been saved.

Union leaders negotiated with Asda bosses in a bid to save up to 60 posts at the store’s centres in Washington.

The workers had been told their contracts were being terminated just before the new year.

The GMB had warned they were prepared to take legal action amid concerns about how the dismissed workers have been treated.

However, talks with Asda’s management team throughout the week resulted in the majority of posts being saved for at least three months.

The news has delighted workers who feared they may lose their jobs.

One 42-year-old worker said: “People are over the moon. One colleague is going to propose to his girlfriend, another is applying to get a mortgage.

“We know the GMB have been working hard on our behalf and it appears to have worked.”

Earlier this month GMB bosses told the Echo they were concerned that some employees, across the Washington ADC and CDC sites, were being treated like temporary staff despite them working there for several years.

Today, Michael Hopper, regional organiser for the union, said: “The company has given workers at the CDC site an extension for three months. The hours have been reduced on a guarantee they will flexed up when the business situation improves.

“In the meantime, everyone on that site remains in some form of employment.

“As for the ADC site, 15 posts are going of staff who have less than one year’s service, while full-time contracts will be given to 24 others on the site.

“We have spent three days working with the company on this and they have listened to our concerns.”

A spokeswoman for Asda said: “We can confirm that we have worked with our union partners and have been able to retain part-time employment for many of the temporary workers.”

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