Asda cuts fuel prices to 5p below Sunderland average at new stand-alone petrol station

Petrol pump.
Petrol pump.
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ASDA bosses are set to cut petrol prices at one of its Sunderland sites.

The retail giant has announced petrol at its Thompson Road filling station priced at five pence per litre below the average price in the area, while diesel is 3.6 pence per litre (ppl) less.

Asda Thompson Road prices are 107.7ppl for unleaded and 114.7ppl for diesel. Since September, Asda has cut 23p a litre off unleaded and 21p a litre off diesel.

Sarah Radley, manager at Asda Sunderland, said: “We want to help people save as much money as they can, whether it’s on their shopping or on their petrol, so we’re extremely pleased to see our new forecourt, shop, and click and collect, open for business and benefitting the local community.”