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Dominic Searson and Martin Wiebusch
Dominic Searson and Martin Wiebusch
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Sunderland-based digital solutions company Geek Talent has appointed a former CERN scientist and a senior data research associate to head-up the company’s new data science team.

Dominic Searson has joined as the new Head of Data Science and will lead a team researching and developing innovative solutions around personal, skills, education and employment data as the firm expands.

He arrives from Newcastle University where he held a senior research associate position in machine learning and data mining in subject areas including cancer research, chemical kinetics, chaos theory, pharmaceutical drug screening and wearable technology. Joining Dominic’s team as a data scientist is Martin Wiebusch, a former research fellow at Durham University whose previous work has included the search for new elementary particles at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzer-

Managing director Dominic Murphy said: “The recruitment of Dominic and Martin to the Geek Talent team represents a step forward in the development of the platform as we look to expand and grow the business.

“Geek Talent is already the most powerful people-centric recruitment platform for the Science, tech, engineering and maths sectors, allowing recruiters to cross validate people’s skills and experience and helps potential employees to understand what courses and experience are valued in particular roles.”