17 things you said about new pub plans for Sunderland city centre

The former JJB Sports store in High Street West is to become a new bar while an ornate pub front in Pann Lane will also be restored.
The former JJB Sports store in High Street West is to become a new bar while an ornate pub front in Pann Lane will also be restored.

Echo readers have been having their say on proposals to bring a new bar to Sunderland's nightlife scene.

Plans to transform the city's former JJB Sports store, on High Street West, into a new watering hole have been approved by the council alongside a bid to restore a historic pub front in Pann Lane, which sits to the side of the building.

JJB Sports.

JJB Sports.

The idea has been praised by dozens of you, with some hailing the location as an ideal stop on the way to a Sunderland home match, and a much-needed addition to the city centre's portfolio.

But others have voiced concerns about "another pub" coming to town, arguing that new shops would be much more beneficial for the city's economy, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

The revamp will see "eyesore" metal cladding removed from the building, alongside improvements to the original windows and brickwork at the front. The pub front at the side will also be "restored to its previous grandeur".

Here's how you reacted to the plans on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

The frontage in Pann Lane.

The frontage in Pann Lane.

Lynn Glendenning: "Great news. Will be lovely to see it all restored."

Jean Nelson: "Great, bring it back to its former glory."

Garfy Snowdon: "Be awesome for match days."

FionaLee Harnett: "Wonderful news in a really evolving and exciting city."

Julia Colclough: "Well it's about time we restored Sunderland back to its former glory."

Graeme Collinson: "Good news looking forward to seeing it open."

Caroline Gray: "Oh that's gonna be nice. Let's hope a few more places 'restore' old buildings to forever glory."

Bill Edward Meeks: "I'm over the moon. A great idea that I will certainly frequent."

Barbi Shickle: "Fantastic ... it's a shame it has gone to waste, it's so lovely."

Janet Stevenson: "Great news. Lovely to see our fab old buildings restored.

"Rebuild the town hall please to original exterior plans. Move civic centre into it. Makes great sense and will help to restore Fawcett Streets to it former glory."

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Billy Wright: "Restoration, you don't often hear that word in Sunderland city centre, hopefully good news, I do like the side street design."

Maureen McLuckie: "Surely they can build something a bit more useful than a pub, too many of them already.

"We used to have a lovely town many years ago and now it's a run-down eyesore."

Pete Bogg: "Great news, hopefully another decent ale bar."

Eileen Sills: "The city is full of closed-down shops and what do we get yet another pub.

"If a shop closes down it opens as a charity shop or pub. Yet again it looks like Newcastle for Christmas shopping."

Amy Mcmillan: "Bet it looks lush restored."

John Paul Thompson: "Seriously can no one think of anything that might make people want to come to Sunderland and spend money.

"There are plenty of empty pubs in the city centre if people want to drink."

Steve Bonallie: "It's a great idea. I hope the pub front will be in keeping with the tiled side."