11 things you said about the Londonderry's future

It was confirmed yesterday that the Londonderry is changing hands.
It was confirmed yesterday that the Londonderry is changing hands.
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Earlier today we reported that one of Sunderland's most iconic pubs, the Londonderry, has been sold.

It is not yet clear what will happen when the pub changes hands - leading to dozens on comments on the Echo's social media.

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Heartbroken punters across the city were told that the pub would close its doors on July 31. All they know is that a 'regeneration trust' has bought it.

Here's what you had to say about the news.

Paul Okokay Scrafton: "Accept things change and move on instead of always dwelling on the past and holding back any kind of forward looking development in this city!"

Mark Knightley: "The building needs to be saved."

Elsie Doyle: "I have never been in this pub probably because Sunderland is not my home town, but I can always remember it being there when I visit Sunderland. As far as I am concerned it is an icon. Has this pub not got some historic value. It is worth looking into it to try and save it."

Jennifer Anderson: "Brilliant. This place needs a massive refurb. It's listed so won't be knocked down and the sale and regeneration can only improve the city."

Sheryl Maher: "It would be a shame to see the building go. My uncle was born and lived there in the 30s and 40s so it has personal significance for me. But it was never on the 'route' even back in the drinking days of the 90s.

"I do think it's sad that Sunderland seems to like to flatten beautiful old buildings so fingers crossed some features are kept. But we seriously need investment in the city so here's hoping."

Allen David Curtis: "My great granddad used to go in there and have a few pints everyday when he was with us and even myself now and then, it's part of our city's history and now I live beside it. It should stay open."

Gwynneth Ross: "The Londonderry is a lovely old building, if its not a listed building then it certainly should be. Why do they always want to demolish these lovely old buildings? They should be preserved."

David Lash: "One of the best buildings in Sunderland, look forward to its restoration but hope they retain a pub within the building, restaurant upstairs maybe?"

Simon Taylor: "I worked here for over three years. Be such a shame if it were to shut. #saveourlondonderry."

Dave Riley: "Turn it into a hotel again & bar ... what Keel Square needs & near cultural quarter."

Graham Lee: "Stuck for words! Another wrong decision."