11 things you said about the closure of Papadoms in Sunderland

Papadoms in Sunderland.
Papadoms in Sunderland.
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More than 100 of you have reacted to the news that one of Sunderland's restaurants is relocating to Newcastle.

Papadoms in High Street West, Sunderland, has shut and will re-open in Newcastle in the coming months, according to a sign placed on the premises.

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We asked you for your thoughts on the restaurant, which opened in September 2015, and the news - here's what you had to say.

Ryan Harrison: "Overpriced compared to what other Indians are offering in the town. I liked the concept of it when it opened but then changed the menu and it went really downhill."

Mark Davies: "It was okay, but very overpriced. Geordies will love it, and anyone in Sunderland able to afford it will be able to afford Newcastle car parking too, so everyone wins."

Abigail Elizabeth Suter: "Argh such a shame. One of the few places in Sunderland that do awesome vegan food in the evening. We went for our anniversary and the staff and food were amazing."

The Funky Indian Restaurant, Sunderland: "Wishing them all the very best for the future with their relocation. I personally am very sad to see Sunderland lose such a great place."

Stuart Bate: "Is anybody surprised? Go down the town on a Saturday night prime time between 8 and 10 and have a good look around, that will answer your questions."

Sandra Swinney: "Gutted I loved it there, will not be going to Newcastle."

Duncan Goodfellow: "Great food & service, such a shame the good people of Sunderland didn't support [it] enough."

Pamela Jones Quinn: "Really liked this restaurant, [the] garlic butter chicken was the best I've ever tasted."

Andrea Kemp: "Yes will miss it they have lovely staff and yummy food Sunderland always loses out!"

Jackie Gordine: "Such a shame for the businesses around that area."

Lynn Bennett: "That's life ... as most businesses are struggling in Sunderland why not go to Newcastle where the place is buzzing with stag and hen parties arriving constantly."