11 things you said about Sunderland's new B&M store

B&M is opening another store in Sunderland. But what did you think of the news?
B&M is opening another store in Sunderland. But what did you think of the news?
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Sunderland was dealt a fantastic hand yesterday with the announcement of 60 new jobs coming to the city.

The positions will become available through the opening of a new B&M store, at the former B&Q site on Ryhope Road.

It is due to open on Saturday, August 6 - but will you be going along?

Yesterday, we asked you what you thought of the news.

More than 60 new jobs for Sunderland as B&M to open new store

Here are some of your comments from social media. You can visit the Sunderland Echo on Facebook here.

John Bloomfield: "Can't understand why people would moan about an empty building coming back in to use and new jobs created. It's all positive for the area surely?"

Jamie William Barker: "Only in Sunderland would people complain about something creating jobs."

Faye Carter: "I hate B&M because I always end up spending way too much haha, but seriously I love the stuff they stock and I also love a bargain too."

Margo Lax: "YES ... my therapy shop. If I'm feeling low, have a good sniff about in B&M ... always find a bargain I didn't know I was looking for."

Stephen Gaze: "I like B&M but it's irrelevant. If it means more jobs then it doesn't matter who the company is."

Eileen Joyce: "Jobs are always good news."

Heather Dobson: "Can't wait, B&M a 10 minute walk away."

Margaret Warren: "Pleased to bits about this. I love B&M."

Vicky Green: "I'm glad there is another B & M at the old B&Q site as living in Leechmere it's a bit of a trek to get to the other two Sunderland B&M stores, hence I don't get to visit that frequently. This store is on my doorstep so I'm going to be in here all the time."

Christine Broad: "Have never been into a B&M but if it's creating new jobs and it means one less empty building then that's fab."

Michael Carr: "Doesn't matter what shop it is as long as it's creating jobs that's the main thing."