11 things you said about a Sunderland bar's plan to serve alcohol until 6am

Whose side are you on?
Whose side are you on?

Echo readers have had plenty to say about a Sunderland bar's plans to stay open until 6am two days a week.

Police officers have slammed the application, from a bar at 24 Vine Place, which applies for an alcohol licence between 12pm-3am from Sunday to Thursday and from 12pm-6am on Friday and Saturday, alongside providing live and recorded music. Do you think 6am is too late to stay open?

The bar was last occupied by German-themed venue Bavaria. The plans have been submitted to Sunderland City Council by the bar's new owners - and the police are calling for it to be rejected in its current form.

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Chief Inspector of Southern Area Command, Christopher Grice, made an objection on the force's behalf, and argued that crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour, public nuisance and vulnerability issues will increase within the city centre if permission for the changes is granted.

Here's what you had to say about the application on social media:

Ian Humphries: "You only have to look at the trouble in and around Passion on a weekend, outrageous, this should be a no, if people can’t enjoy themselves up to 3am there’s something sadly wrong with them."

Samantha Krager: "I'm all up for clubs to stay open late but that is too late! What about people who work weekends and are standing in the bus stops or having to walk past to get to work and people are still blaring music with drunk people hanging about? Especially on a busy road."

Hayley Byers: "It’ll just mean more kids pre-loading on alcohol at home til later in the night - people say it works in Europe but our drinking habits aren’t the same."

Rachel Lowe: "Most clubs in Birmingham are open til 6am and works really well as they have quality music, good promotions but more importantly owners and staff who care about the customers."

Dave Purvis: "And you wonder why Sunderland nightlife has died a death in recent years ... every other half decent, forward-thinking town/city in the country has bars open that late."

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Mark Bellerby: "I have no issues with it. Works very well in other UK cites and many places in Europe don’t close for days."

Lesley Gulliver: "When I worked permanent nights I would have killed for a pint at 6.30am."

Alfie Binyon: "More never means better and usually means worse, all this says to me is that the new owners have zero ideas to bring entertainment or culture to the city and just want to operate in hours that will be exclusive to them.

"This will also encourage more binge drinking and the police are right in their concerns over criminal activity, also people need to work in these bars at these hours it’s a disgrace and the new owners should really start to think if they are in this industry for the right reasons, they should be promoting safe drinking and not binge-drink culture."

Steveo Sunderland: "The town doesn't need a bar with a 6am licence."

Craig Kent: "3am should be shutting time."

David Owens: "We need staged closures of bars in the city. We cannot expect (say five bars as an example all close at 3am) and expect public transport provision aka taxis to be able to cater for say 300 people all at once - there is more risk for disorder, walking home alone and worst case scenario illegal taxing will increase in the city."