11 things Echo readers said about new stores opening at The Galleries

Readers had lots to say yesterday after The Galleries announced that two further retailers would be coming to the area.
Readers had lots to say yesterday after The Galleries announced that two further retailers would be coming to the area.
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The announcement that two national names would open branches at The Galleries certainly set tongues wagging yesterday.

A Boots Optician store is now open at the complex, and it was confirmed that a Betfred will begin trading next year.

But the two new names prompted a mixed response from readers, with more than 100 of you taking to social media to share your views.

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Here is what some of you had to say.

Fiona Short: "People won't come to spend money as there are no decent shops, but because people don't come decent shops wont open. Primark could make money opening here, plus people would get jobs so a win all round but a opticians and bookies are not going to do much for Washington."

Margaret Morley: "What a big disappointment."

Sharon Simpson: "What about a Primark? That [would] bring more money than a bookies. We have to pay £4 to get into Sunderland just to go to Primark, think of how much money it can make. You can buy a top in Primark for the price of a bus. Keep people in The Galleries to spend more, especially in that shop."

Yvonne Halton: "Rents are too high no one can make a profit, so people don't want to come. Get back to small independents, stop supermarkets taking away the good old days, wherever you go it's all the same, they are finding too many of them, they have had their day."

Terena Johnson: "What a joke! Do we really need another betting shop and opticians ... no. I would have loved to see the cinema happen but that wasn't going to be. Washington was a fabulous shopping centre years ago, both Concord and The Galleries. It's a joke now. Very disappointed in our local area these days."

John Mulley: "Don't like it could always go somewhere else. It's not The Galleries' fault, it's the businesses that want in there at the end of the day. Galleries top dog!"

Joan Loftus: "Why is there no men's shops, or housewares. All we have is Sainsbury's and Asda, and more phone shops than we need. Get a grip whoever!"

Craig Gibbo: "Joke! What's next ... another estate agent or travel shop because there surely isn't enough already."

Gary Cairns: "Pointless we need more big name clothes shops."

Gina Towart: "Doesn't get me excited in the slightest."

David Blaney: "Here was me naively thinking it was something to do with the cinema and shops that never got built."