Bursary support for teens

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WEARSIDE teenagers hoping to continue their studies are being urged to apply for support.

Springboard Sunderland has launched its latest 16-18 Bursary Scheme to help young people on the new Excelr8 Study Programme.

The programme is tailored to the individual’s needs, education and employment goals.

Denise Wilson, from Springboard, said: “This funding is crucial to support young people to take up learning opportunities and help them overcome barriers, such as travel and lunch costs.”

Young people will receive cover for travel costs of up to £7.80 per week, regardless of household income.

Others who pass the eligibility test will get an allowance of £7.50 per week to cover other out-of-pocket expenses.

Some young people will receive up to £30 a week.

The scheme starts on Thursday.

For more information, call Jean Woods on 564 0291.