Burglar crackdown leads to more than 50 arrests in one month

Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson
Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson
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A total of 36 suspected burglars have been arrested in one month in a crime crackdown in Sunderland.

Throughout November, police have been targeting burglars as part of the force's 'Beat the Burglar' campaign.

The initiative aimed to raise awareness of steps people can take to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime.

In Sunderland 36 people were arrested for burglary offences while in South Tyneside there were 17 arrests.

In total 37 people were arrested for house burglaries across both areas.

Of the total of those arrested 26 have been charged.

Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson said: "The month long awareness campaign may have ended but our activity to target burglars and reduce the number of burglaries will absolutely continue, burglary will remain a priority for us.

"Our commitment to targeting burglars will remain and activity will continue to make sure they are arrested and put before the courts. Members of the public pay a crucial role in our activity, by keeping their homes secure and reporting any suspicious activity and we're grateful for this support.

"These are great results but what we don't want is for people to become complacent about home security, it is really important and could potentially prevent someone from being targeted - especially in the run up to Christmas when people may have expensive gifts in their homes.

"Adequate home security measures are as important as ever and the easiest and most basic step members of the public can take is to keep doors locked, especially overnight and when the property is empty. It is no secret that these burglars go around trying front and back doors on the off chance it has been left unlocked.

"In the run up to Christmas we'd also ask people to be mindful of where they keep Christmas presents - if they're being kept under the tree make sure they can't be clearly seen from the outside. It's an open invitation to a burglar who will think Christmas has come early for them."

More crime prevention advice is available on the Northumbria Police website www.northumbria.police.uk