Brexit is the chance for UK to be independent

As negotiations between the UK and the EU sink deeper in a pit of disillusionment and frustration for the Prime Minister and her White Paper proposals, the exit without a deal is becoming more likely.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 2:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 2:58 pm

The insulting comments by the leaders of the EU about the UK negotiators are examples of just how much they think of our terms for leaving.

The masters of the EU are afraid that other members such as Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, all of whom have financial problems and suffer high youth unemployment, will want to follow our example.

The decision of the British people to leave was and is irrevocable.

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The alternative is that we accept a prestige suffering setback that will destroy our esteem throughout the world and relegate us, in the world order to a position of mediocrity.

We voted to leave in order to stop more EU regimentation that has stifled our Parliament’s right to govern as a sovereign country without outside interference.

By leaving the EU we will also regain the right to decide who and the numbers of people coming into our country.

Leaving the EU gives us the right to move independently on the world stage.

General Charles de Gaul, when President of France, said Britain’s Labour government’s attempts to join the EU were questionable because of Britain’s historic maritime leaning towards and across the oceans coupled with lack of enthusiasm for ties with continental Europe.

He was criticised by many for his opinions but in June 2016 he was proven to be right.

Illegal migration into this country is, according to recent reports in the national press, 70,000 a year apart from those arriving legally.

This must stop as it will ultimately take away low skilled jobs from British workers by undercutting wages. It will also, according to some, seriously dilute British culture in the future.

The ‘Remainers’ say that by leaving the EU without a deal it will have an adverse affect on our trade with Europe. However, we never hear the consequences it will have on European trade with us running at about 60% in their favour and £90billion in value.

With respect to the Prime Minister her Chequers White paper does not allow us total control over trading with the rest of the world because we will be ensnared by the ‘Common Book on Trade’, which we will be forced to accept when the EU changes its trade regulations.

We cannot really leave the EU with one leg – it’s all or nothing.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward