Brexit is a benefit for the few

Once again Coun George Howe, from Fulwell, comments on how good leaving the EU will be for us.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 1:35 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd October 2018, 1:38 pm

He is probably right that an exit without a political deal is becoming more likely, but is wrong that it will be of benefit to the UK as a whole.

It seems to me that the interests of the country as a united concern is being forgotten, whilst Tory Ministers and MPs see the jobs of millions of voters, from both the Leave and Remain camps, as some sort of collateral damage in a fight to see who controls the Tory Party.

The pusillanimous actions of David Cameron over the threat from UKIP are the reason we are facing this dilemma, and boy does he regret it. Coun Howe refers to the “ masters of the EU” being worried that our exit will influence other EU members to do the same. It is exactly the opposite.

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The machinations of the Tory Brexit hardliners in their determination to scupper any deal that is not to their benefit, have shown the 27 EU states the politics of leaving is not about benefits for the whole but power for the few. The Tory few.

The threat that Coun Howe sees to our prestige throughout the World is not being created by opposition to Brexit but by the disintegration of a weakened Government.

This having been caused by a civil war between Tories too busy trying to defend their right wing views and destroy a Prime Minister than champion the rights of all voters in negotiations with the United EU.

Coun Howe mentions illegal immigration in his reasoning on why leaving the EU with no deal is a positive.

As illegal immigrants mainly come from countries outside the EU can he explain how leaving Europe will effect this, or was this simply thrown in as a scare tactic, one also used many times by UKIP.

He also views it as a threat of “seriously diluting British culture in the future”. How insulting to all the immigrants who have enlightened our culture in the past and continue to do so. Many living in the Fulwell area, his constituents. This is yet another long held UKIP view being used in his Tory debate.

Coun Howe states the vote of the British people to leave is irrevocable. How long has he been involved in politics? Has he not heard of democracy? What he means is that he wishes the vote was irrevocable, because he fears it may not be. The best deal we can ever get is to remain a member of the EU.

A People’s vote on a final deal may or may not give us this, but surely voters should be given a say in the most important final EU deal affecting their and their children’s future.

I believe the majority of people can now see this to be true, that is the fear facing the Tory hardliners, and that is why they are prepared to destroy their own leadership and Party to see it doesn’t happen.

Shame on them.

Arthur Oxley