BREAKING: The fans’ reactions to the appointment of Sam Allardyce

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We asked customers at The Burn in Houghton for their reactions to the news of Sam Allardyce.

Richard Green, 58, a bricklayer.

“We have mediocre players to start with, we don’t need a mediocre manager”

David Wright, 73, from Houghton

“I’m a Newcastle supporter and I like him. I think he is a good appointment. Hopefully he will keep them up. He’s been successful at West Ham when he was there, so hopefully he will do the same here. He’s the fans’ favourite so hopefully he’ll do the business.

Gary Robson, 80, a retired prison officer.

“They want somebody like him. We need someone for Sunderland to take charge and help them. Otherwise they’ll go down. I’m pleased he’s come back to Sunderland as a manager.”

David Wright, 73, a company manager.

“I can’t see I’m particularly happy. We were there when he was signed as a player and I loved him, I absolutely loved him, but I’ve followed his career and watched the last four or five managers who to me have been at best mediocre. We have mediocre players to start with, we don’t need a mediocre manager. We need a super guy. We need to spend money to get Sunderland into the mid-table and further up.”

Ian Wright, 51, a businessman.

“In the beginning I just didn’t feel it at all. But looking at who else there is to be honest I know he played for Sunderland, I liked him when he played for Sunderland. He was terrible at Newcastle, so I don’t know if he can handle a it at a big club. He was great at Bolton and West Ham, but can he handle it in a place like Sunderland where he’ll have people coming up to him in the street.”

Paul Adam, 57, a semi-retired landlord.

“He probably is as good as they are going to get. To be honest I don’t think the problem is with he manager. It’s higher up at the top where we have a problem and it’s not helping us at all. I think Sam used to deal with a low standard of player and that’s what we’ve got. Some of the players we’ve signed are well past their sell-by date.”