Brave Sunderland youngster home to continue leukaemia battle

Lewis Morris and his mother Vicky Morrison.
Lewis Morris and his mother Vicky Morrison.
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AFTER months in isolation at hospital, brave Lewis Morris has finally been allowed home as he continues his battle against leukaemia.

The four-year-old was diagnosed with the condition in 2008, and has undergone months of chemotherapy.

He is now back home in Southwick, after a life-saving bone marrow transplant at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

It took place last October, but there were complications as Lewis’ body rejected the drugs and was temporarily paralysed.

The youngster WAS forced to spend 10 weeks in isolation, leaving his loving family agonising over the outcome.

However, they now hope Lewis is over the worst.

“He has his difficult days and is not 100 per cent,” said mum Vicky Morrison, 35.

“But he is still very outgoing, despite the treatment.”

She added: “He has lost half his life. He’s remarkable though. He takes everything as it comes.

“He’s unbelievable, to be honest.

“We’ve been in hospital for his birthdays and it’s been a difficult time.

“But he won’t stop fighting and he’s just desperate to survive.”

Lewis, who has two brothers, John 10, and Callum, eight, both at Southwick Primary School, was given a Cancer Research UK Little Star Award last year, for his bravery in battling the disease.

In May last year, he needed a painful lumbar puncture to extract fluid from his spine, as part of a series of tests after relapsing.

And when his body became paralysed after rejecting the drugs after the bone marrow operation, Lewis and his family had another tough time to get through.

“It was a nightmare,” said Vicky. “He was like a baby again.

“We had to teach him to sit up and crawl and walk again.”

Vicky said that Lewis is an inspiration to his family and everyone he meets.

“People just can’t believe what he’s been through,” she added.

“His fight puts things in perspective, and pushes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. He’s incredible.”