This brave Sunderland teen is tackling the bullies head on - now find out how you can join the fight

Bullying has had a huge impact on the life of Sunderland teenager Samira Boussaid.

Wednesday, 8th November 2017, 4:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:03 pm
Sunderland teen Samira Boussaid has launched anti-bullying campaign #bullyproofchallenge.
Sunderland teen Samira Boussaid has launched anti-bullying campaign #bullyproofchallenge.

From a young age Samira was targeted by bullies at secondary school, forcing her to leave as she looked to take back control of her life.

But now aged 19 and a successful freelance make-up artist, Samira has launched national anti-bullying campaign called Bullyproof Challenge.

Model Francesca Hall stars in the campaign. Photo by Chris Cross Photography.

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The campaign is asking those who have been victims of bullying to share a photograph of their arm with any words or phrases, that describe their feelings about their bullying experience.

The photos can be shared on social media including the campaigns official Instagram page, bullyproof.UK, under the #bullyproofchallenge and placing a yellow heart.

Samira, who now lives in Peterborough with her family, hopes the campaign will empower people and inspire others to speak out against bullying to change lives.

She said: “If I can change one person’s life, then it will be worth it.
“The more people that take part, the more awareness we can raise.

Model Francesca Hall stars in the campaign. Photo by Chris Cross Photography.

“When I was in London I met one guy called Matthew Lee Grove, who is gay, and I said to him ‘have you been bullied before’ and he just opened up so much.

“He wrote on his arm the lyrics, ‘I get knocked down and I get up again.’

“I have also met Francesca Hall, our beautiful model from Reading, who was bullied because she used to be quite big and had scoliosis, but she lost tons of weight and now she is a model.”

The 23-year-old stars in the campaign, with her arm covered in the hurtful words said to her during that time.

Samira is also working with film makers to produce a documentary featuring the experiences other people have had with bullying.

It looks at how a bully can inflict so much pain on another person, but the bullies themselves could often be going through a difficult time which leads them to take out their frustrations on others.

Samira added: “We are inviting people who are 16 and over can come forward and get in touch if they would like to star in the documentary.”

For more information on the campaign, visit: search on Facebook and samira_mua1 on YouTube.